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The holidays are quickly approaching. Christmas music will soon be filling the airwaves and thoughts turn to giving the perfect gift. How do you narrow down the list of must-haves for the RVer in your life who loves tech gadgets? Here are 7 great ideas for the 2019 holidays; the gift guide that is sure to help you find the perfect gift for your RV gadget tech fanatic.

Camping may not be on everyone’s mind come December. There are plenty of winter camping opportunities, but even if fair-weather camping is more your style, you can still keep the camping spirit alive this holiday season by giving some of the best gifts for RV campers!

Durable Outdoor Mat

It’s the instant front porch for any RV. The “welcome” mat is one of the great gifts for RV campers. It instantly transforms the dirt or grass into an extension of the camper and it stops dirt, sand and grass from getting tracked into the RV. It is a simple way to help keep an RV clean.

Outdoor mats – or patio mats – unlike standard carpet remnants, are easy to transport. They are lightweight and come in many different sizes to accommodate RVs of any size. They can double as deck or patio mats, just as the name suggests, when the camper in your life is not out camping.

These outdoor mats are built for high traffic and tough weather. They don’t hold water so they dry quickly. They are also easy to clean – usually requiring just a quick hose down and air dry. Many styles also have corner tabs and loops designed for stakes (which are generally sold separately) to keep them from blowing around in the wind…or creating a tripping hazard.

Want to give a gift that’ll make your RV camper feel like a star? Roll out the red carpet! There’s a wide variety of sizes and designs available, so you can choose their favorite color or pattern. For the luxury camper or “glamper” in your life, you could even find something that coordinates with their RV or picnic table cloth.

Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker

For those folks who like to listen to music inside or outside, weatherproof Bluetooth speakers make great gifts for RV campers. These speakers produce entertainment you can take anywhere.  These fully waterproof speakers can come along to the beach, pool or even for the ride in a canoe, kayak or Jet Ski.

They range from a fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand model that can also be clipped to a backpack for hands-free music on the go, to larger table-top models that come complete with built-in multi-color lights and flashing strobe. One thing to keep in mind is making sure the volume is kept at a reasonable level to respect other campers nearby!

K-Cup Manual Press

Want to give one of the best gifts for RV campers who like to save power and enjoy their coffee, tea or hot cocoa out in the wilderness? The K-cup manual press is great for those who typically use single-serve brewers and have K-cups around. It is an ideal gift for RV campers who enjoy boondocking as it requires no electricity to operate. It is easy to use and clean and can be used with reusable K-cups as well for those campers who prefer a more eco-friendly way to enjoy their morning cup of joe.

Collapsible Storage Boxes

Storage can be a challenge for many campers. Collapsible bins, cans and boxes help reduce wasted space when not needed. There are many brands and sizes which allow for choice and flexibility when choosing the right type of collapsible storage container as gifts for RV campers.

Mesh containers can be used as laundry hampers – posted outside the RV door for kiddos to deposit their wet towels upon return from the beach or pool. Smaller canvas bins can hold bread, buns and bagels on a counter or in a pantry for quick access and keep them from getting squished or flattened. Handled totes can house books, toys or games and keep them within arm’s reach inside or outside the RV. The use for collapsible storage containers is only limited by the imagination.

Travel Air Compressor

Want to be not only a great giver of gifts for RV campers but a hero as well? Give the gift of no flat tire worries with a travel air compressor. It can save the day when tire pressure is low and the camper in your life just might think of you as their roadside hero.

Travel air compressors aren’t just for emergencies; they are also useful for inflating “furniture” like air mattresses or inflatable loungers. The compact size of a travel air compressor model makes them easier to store and less noisy than a full-size compressor.

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots may not be the first thing (or second or third thing) that crosses your mind when you think of gifts for RV campers, but quality hiking boots can be life-changing for avid hikers. They are ideal for RVers who love to visit parks for trails. Comfort means longer hikes with fewer pains.

This is one gift where one size does not fit all.  Hiking boots should not be tight anywhere as this can lead to blisters. They should fit snug but leave room for toes to wiggle. The best time of day to try on boots is at the end of the day when feet tend to swell. It’s also a good idea to bring the socks planned to wear while hiking to be sure to get a good fit.

Solar Oven

When you think solar oven you may have flash-backs to science projects utilizing pizza boxes and aluminum foil. While there are many DIY solar oven possibilities, there are also several portable, reusable models that provide energy-saving cooking and can be used anywhere. They can range in price from less than $100 to several hundred dollars depending on the model.

They are very effective for boiling water and cooking meats without drying them out. Solar ovens make great gifts for RV campers who enjoy boondocking, but are also a great alternative for campers who are just looking to avoid using power and trying to conserve it.

Folding Bike

Whether camping at national or state parks there are lots of great bike paths. Nearly every campground, no matter how small or remote, has back roads or bike paths nearby just waiting to be explored. Folding bikes are quick to load and unload and take up a lot less real estate than full-size models.

Folding bikes can make great gifts for RV campers because they can be easily stored in a tow-vehicle or toy hauler. There’s a large variety of style and price options starting from less than $200. Depending on your need you can choose from mountain bikes and full-size, high-performance bikes to adult tricycles complete with basket for a beach bag or picnic lunch to small versions that would work for just a quick trip to the camp store for s’more supplies.

Cordless Vacuum

Nothing makes for a crummy camping trip than having dirt and crumbs everywhere. It’s very easy to track dirt and debris into an RV when camping (remember that outdoor mat gift idea?) Any crumbs left on the floor after meals can attract uninvited guests.

Cordless vacuums may not be the flashiest gifts for RV campers, but they are mobile, lightweight and if it’s a modular version, can help reach into difficult-to-clean places too.  Help the RVer in your life clean up in a snap. A clean RV makes travel more enjoyable!

YETI Coolers

Most campers have heard of YETI, but that doesn’t mean they all have the gear! These popular products are renowned for their ability to insulate and their durability, making them ideal for campers in any situation. Dry campers will love these coolers for their ability to store ice for several days in a row, making it easier to boondock for the weekend and still enjoying a cold drink.

But that doesn’t mean they’re only good for boondockers! These coolers can make it easier to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer weather, letting you set up your drink station outside while you relax and soak up the sun. There’s no situation where an RV traveler can’t find a use for a new YETI cooler!

Shatterproof Glasses

Life on the move comes with unique risks – like a sudden stop toppling over loosely stored drink glasses! RVers with an eye for safety will love having a few of these on-hand. They’re made of silicone and are perfect for enjoying a drink without the worry of broken glass anywhere in your RV.

Silicone glasses store easily, which any veteran RVer will known gives them an edge on the competition when space is at a premium in an RV. And of course, they’re easy to clean whether you’re handwashing or running them through your RV dishwasher.

Travel Games

If you’re shopping for an RV gift and know someone who loves to camp with their whole family, you can’t go wrong with some of the most popular travel games out there:

Cornhole – A popular game across the nation, all it requires is two boards and a collection of bean bangs. Cornhole boards come in all shapes and sizes, many of which can be collapsed and easily stored, which we would recommend if you’re looking for an RV-appropriate gift!

Ladder Golf – Another game you’ll see all over the campground, ladder golf is easy to learn, great for kids, and most importantly, it stores in a convenient carrying case that’s easy to pack away


The best part of RV camping is traveling to destinations with plenty to do. For those who prefer locations with a wealth of water activities, a kayak could be the perfect gift! From traditional kayaks to inflatable ones, you can find a variety of options to gift to the RV campers in your life.

These can add a new level of enjoyment to their camping trip by letting them relax and explore lakes or rivers in between hiking trips or lounging in their RVs.

Nesting Bowls

A gift that’s as space-conscious as it is useful will always be a popular pick for RVers. Nesting bowls are exactly what they sound like – a set of bowls designed to stack on themselves in decreasing sizes that are perfect for, well, anything!

Nesting bowls come in all shapes, sizes and materials. We’d recommend something durable, like plastic, which will be able to handle the occasional drop during hectic RV vacation.

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