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When you purchase a home, you take the time to make it your own. Whatever the steps you take, from hanging pictures to a total kitchen makeover, you personalize it. An RV is your home-away-from-home, and a great place to add some upgrades for personalization, convenience and efficiency. There are many popular RV upgrades to consider. You may want to incorporate one or more of these options to make your RV the best home-sweet-home it can be no matter where you travel.

Your new RV opens the door for a lifetime of unforgettable experiences. Before long, you’ll be an expert on RV ownership and camping. But before your very first trip, there are some basics you’ll want to know to avoid potential headaches and hiccups. Fortunately, we have some RV camping tips for beginners that can help you get the most out of your first RV vacation!

“I’m bored” can be the two most frustrating words – either to hear them or to think them! But when you’re on a camping trip, you’re likely away from your typical forms of entertainment. That’s no excuse to be bored, though. All you need is the right RV camping games and travel games to fill the downtime between activities.

If you want to avoid those two words on your next camping trip, here are some games you can bring or play anywhere to keep everyone engaged for the whole vacation!