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What is an RV Toad & How Is It Beneficial?

If you have ever seen a motorhome on the road, you have likely seen one that is pulling a vehicle along behind it. It’s even possible that you joked with the kids or grandkids, “Look at that small car pushing that big motorhome!” Those vehicles in tow are becoming more and more common as the population of retirees continues to rise and with it, the demand for motorhomes and RV toads.

What is an RV Toad?

What is an RV toad? No, it is not something brown and bumpy that catches flies. An RV toad is slang for “towed vehicle” and can be anything from sedans to SUVs to off-road vehicles. Also known as “dinghy towing,” RV toads are vehicles which motorhome owners bring with them during trips. It allows them to leave their RV stationary and use their toad for short trips.

The Main Benefits of an RV Toad

The primary advantage of an RV toad is to help motorhome campers quickly and easily get around the local area during their trips. Rather than having to drive their motorhome everywhere, an RV toad is a more convenient car for day-to-day errands.

Some smaller vacation towns or cities just aren’t reasonable places to drive around in a big motorhome. Narrow streets, sharp curves or steep hills and winding roads can present unnecessary difficulties when trying to maneuver a large motorhome. Toads can also be useful for trekking around large campgrounds that allow off-road vehicles.

If your toad is a vehicle you already own, it doesn’t cost much to tow around but saves you a lot in gas if you plan to make small side trips. When your campsite is “base camp” but there are many sightseeing trips nearby, your RV toad makes those short trips much more convenient than driving your motorhome. Your RV toad also allows the motorhome to stay in your ideal camping location if someone needs to run for food, water or other necessities.

Is There Any Reason to Skip an RV Toad?

The most likely reason you wouldn’t bring an RV toad is if you don’t have a good vehicle for it. Not all vehicles are towable – some may void your warranty or cause damage if you try to tow them.

Investing in another vehicle to be your RV toad can be a financial burden in to some people. You may decide that the cost is not worth the additional convenience. To find out if a vehicle you currently own is approved for towing, you can check the dinghy towing guide for the make and model year of your potential RV toad vehicle.

You also may not need a toad if you don’t plan to do much local travel once you reach your destination. You may want to do a lot of hiking and not need to travel far from your RV. Or, a bike may be all that you need to bring along to get around to the sights nearby. Good planning can also make an RV toad unnecessary for trips to the store; especially if you are staying in a location where amenities and supplies are located within walking or biking distance.

Unlike a bike, RV toads also add weight and impact your driving. Newer RV owners may already be afraid of tackling these new skills and wish to forego an RV toad.

Tips for Buying an RV Toad

Know your vehicle weight limits and understand the additional length a toad will add. Plan accordingly and be sure to look for vehicles designed to be towed before you simply tow your personal vehicle.  It is also a good idea to consider your needs as they can change from trip to trip. Will you simply need something to drive around town, or will you need a good off-road vehicle for rougher terrain?

Whatever vehicle you decide on, make sure that you don’t rely on it for extra storage. Toads can help you move things around, but it’s best to keep the weight in your motorhome. It also adds convenience to keep your packed items nearby while you travel. If you pack something essential in your RV toad, you will have to pull over and exit your motorhome to get to it.

So, the next time you are out and see a motorhome with vehicle in tow you can flex your RV knowledge and say, “Look at that toad!”


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