Bunkhouse RV Spotlight: Why a Bunkhouse RV Is Perfect for Your Family

When considering your next RV, don’t look further than the vast array of bunkhouse RV choices. Nothing compares to a bunkhouse RV when it comes to maximizing sleeping quarters. This means there’s room for everyone under one roof whether you have a large family, extended family, or children who want to bring their friends along for the adventure 

Benefits of a Bunkhouse Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel 

Probably the most obvious benefit of a bunkhouse RV is the fact that it sleeps more people. Whether it’s a travel trailerfifth wheel or motorhome, the bunkhouse RV makes bringing the whole family along with enough room for guests to join you! 

With more people you may think you’ll be giving up your privacy. Not so. With a bunkhouse RV you may even get better privacy as most floor plans have separate sleeping areas. Whether it’s a floor plan where the kids have their own room in the rear of the trailer, or one where there’s a private room in front away from the main bunk area, it can help keep the noise down at bedtime and make your RV feel more like home even on the road during camping trips! 

There are many types of bunkhouse RVs. They literally come in all shapes and sizes; there sure to be a length and model to please you and fit your family’s needs. No matter your preference, there are bunkhouse configurations in travel trailers, fifth wheels, motor homes or even destination RVs! 

Between all types of RVs there are hundreds of floor plans from which to choose. That means the perfect bunkhouse to fit everyone is likely out there, no matter the size of your family. Large families will especially love the quad bunk configuration which offers plenty of sleeping space without sacrificing amenities. 

Our Favorite Bunkhouse Models 

Catalina Legacy 333BHTSCK 

When it comes to camping with large families, the Catalina Legacy 333BHTSCK is a bunkhouse RV that is built to please. It sleeps up to 8 people with a private rear bunk room and a private front bedroom. This is a floor plan designed for parental peace and quiet so everyone can get a good night’s sleep! Well-rested campers will be ready to seek out adventures each day, whether playing games under one of the two 10’ awnings outside the camper or off exploring nature 

Even rainy days aren’t an issue with the Legacy as this bunkhouse RV which has a ship weight of 8,426 pounds and i369” long. There is plenty of room to spend the day inside when necessary and not feel crowded. The Legacy’s tinted windows are a plus – keeping the interior cool on hot daysCooks will appreciate the kitchen slide-out which provides plenty of space for meal preparation and on hot days, the outdoor camp kitchen means meals can be prepared outside under the awning shade keeping the heat out of the kitchen. 

Catalina Summit 261BHS 

The Catalina Summit 261 BHS packs sleeping space for up to 8 people into a travel trailer that’s just over 30’ long. That’s plenty of room for large families who want lots of space without the added length and weight. The shipping weight of the Summit 261 BHS is 6,138 lbs, and can make a big difference is towing capacity depending on your tow vehicle. 

This bunkhouse RV features a queen bed and double-over-double size bunks, making it an excellent choice for families. No space is sacrificed with this floor plan which features a slide-out dinette and sofa. This means there is plenty of floor space in both the kitchen and living areas. There’s even an optional pull-out camp kitchen feature outside underneath the 15’ power awning. This means you can have even more room when you utilize the exterior space of your RV and enjoy outdoor dining, games or simply relaxing outside!  

Forest River Wolf Pup 16BHS 

Need a bunkhouse RV but don’t want the added length or weight? The Forest River Wolf Pup 16BHS is a fantastic option for families who aren’t looking for a big RV but need to sleep several campers. Sleeping for up to 5 people with plenty of room for storage is what you’ll get with the Wolf Pup 16BHS.  

This bunkhouse RV is an incredibly light weight model with a ship weight of 3,097 pounds and 21’5” long. Additionally, it features a flip-down travel rack and juice pack solar option which makes this a great choice for dry camping fans who want something easier to tow without sacrificing amenities or sleeping space. This is an excellent example of how widely varied bunkhouse RV floor plans can be. 

Should You Get a Bunkhouse RV? 

Making the choice to get a bunkhouse RV ultimately depends on how many people will need to have sleeping arrangements. Camping with a large family or plan to have a lot of guests join you? The compact design of the bunkhouse RV means more sleeping space is added without compromising the living and kitchen space. The great news is the variety available in the bunkhouse RV style. While created for maximum sleeping capacity, each bunkhouse RV is unique in its design which means you’ll be able to find the length, weight, floor plan layout, budget and even towing type that works best for you. 


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