A motorhome on an RV vacation through Colorado.

The Advantages of an RV Vacation for You & Your Family

Taking to the open road with your family and your RV, it doesn’t get much better!  Traveling with your family on an RV vacation is both affordable and fun. It allows more family time as you make the trek to your destination and lets you feel at home no matter how far away you travel.

Side trips or unplanned stopovers are a cinch when you have your kitchen, bed, and more with you no matter where you go! Even if you aren’t the spontaneous type, traveling with your portable version of home makes it more relaxing and enjoyable to return to after a day of hiking, swimming, shopping or exploring.

RVing is More Cost-Effective

Taking RV vacations is an economical way to see sights, visit attractions and enjoy the great outdoors. Campsites are far cheaper than a hotel or motel. In fact, many campsites are free.

When you purchase and maintain an RV, the money you put into your RV is money invested in your own property. Instead of spending money on renting a place to stay – that may or may not be as great as the brochure or website says it is – you own your own “motel” that goes with you on all your travel adventures!

While RVs may get lower gas mileage and therefore use more gas than regular vehicles, you don’t have to drive as much when you can stay overnight almost anywhere. With large RVs, you can bring a toad and spend far less in gas traveling to and from your “base camp” when visiting nearby attractions.

RVing Lets You Bring Your Home with You

While there may be some novelty in staying a hotel or motel, they are impersonal. Your RV is yours. When you travel in your RV, you have your own food, bedding, and even decorations that bring bits of home along for the trip which help you enjoy traveling more.

It’s a great retreat when you can return “home” to relax after a long day of fun and adventure. This is one of the things that make RVs great for long-term travel. There’s less chance of anyone getting homesick when your RV vacation is like being at home – even though you are away from home.

RV Vacations Give You Flexibility

When you are on a long road trip, RVs are a mobile resting spot. If you get tired of driving earlier than anticipated, you can avoid being forced to find a good hotel in the area. There are many places you can park and camp overnight at no charge.

Popular travel destinations can be booked for months in advance, but an RV can let you stay nearby without worry. If you don’t mind boondocking, RVs let you move around each day in larger campgrounds to change your scenery every day of your trip.

RV Vacationing Keeps You in Control

When you take an RV vacation, you are in the driver’s seat (literally!) so if you arrive somewhere you find less interesting than you thought, you aren’t stuck there. You can just move on to a new adventure!

It’s a great way to avoid those hotel horror stories which are a dime a dozen. When you travel in your RV, you can keep your own area how you like it. You and your family can simply enjoy the scenery and have fun.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

RV vacations let you take advantage of thousands of square miles of public land for your trips. You can “app” your trip or simply take your time and meander back roads, stopping when you find an interesting place you’d like to stay and explore.

You have the freedom to camp at designated campgrounds surrounded by other adventurers, or find a secluded getaway to enjoy peace and quiet. Whether you prefer your vacations rustic or packed with amenities, there are destinations to fit anyone’s vacation taste.

You Can Stay Closer to the Fun

There are some great things to see right in Ohio and enjoying the wilderness and local parks is more fun when you never have to leave. Some of the national parks are so large that you need days, or even weeks, to explore all there is to see. On an RV vacation, your “home base” is never far away from your adventure.

In fact, the moment you step out of your RV, you’re right where you want to be. How many hotels are there where can you sit around the campfire roasting s’mores late at night, then take a few steps and flop into bed?

Even if you prefer more traditional entertainment, many of the most notable travel destinations have special parking for RVs. For example, the country’s top amusement parks have campgrounds close by. From Cedar Point to Six Flags, from Disneyland to Disney World, you can find convenient RV accommodations nearby. You can save money on hotels and travel, while maximizing the amount of time you get to spend at these special destinations.

With all the advantages to taking an RV vacation, you may end up liking life on the road so much that you and your family decide you want to RV full time. If so, you’ll definitely feel at home no matter how far you travel, because when you take it with you, you can never travel far from your home!

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