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RV Camping Games for the Whole Family

“I’m bored” can be the two most frustrating words – either to hear them or to think them! But when you’re on a camping trip, you’re likely away from your typical forms of entertainment. That’s no excuse to be bored, though. All you need is the right RV camping games and travel games to fill the downtime between activities.

If you want to avoid those two words on your next camping trip, here are some games you can bring or play anywhere to keep everyone engaged for the whole vacation!

RV Camping Games


No list of camping games would be complete without a mention of a deck of cards. There are hundreds or thousands of potential games that can be played with cards, and they take up practically no space in your RV. For a few dollars, you can have a lifetime of games to play. They’re the frugal RVing game of choice!

Space is often a premium in an RV. Making the most of anything you bring is a core skill for experienced RV owners. More importantly, cards are great for all ages. Family-friendly games like Go Fish are always an option. If you’re camping with friends, everything from Poker to Texas Hold’em are easy choices to pass the time.


It’s hard to go to any campground without seeing at least one set of cornhole boards. If you haven’t played, it’s a very simple game in the same vein as horseshoes. Two slightly angled boards are placed yards apart from each other while players on each team try to toss beanbags into the hole on the far board. You score points for landing beanbags on the board with extra points for bags that make it through the hole.

This game has become so popular that entire companies have been formed for making custom-order boards! While it may be hard to fit full-size cornhole boards in a car, it’s effortless for RV owners. It takes only a minute to setup and can be played one-on-one or in teams.

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples isn’t new, but it’s still a family favorite. Its popularity is likely due to how the rules are simple but leave the game open to a unique experience every time you play! Players are given noun phrase cards, while a judge selects an adjective card. Players select the noun card they think most appropriately fits. The judge then selects the winner and that player becomes the new judge.


If you love to wander through the parks and public areas, geocaching could be the best RV camping game for you! Caches are left in public spaces by other players and information is left on the Geocaching website map to find it. These caches can be anything from tiny, waterproof canisters to large boxes – all hidden from plain sight.

All you need to play is a GPS device (which might make a nice holiday RVing gift idea!) Most modern phones will do, but if you turn into a serious geocacher, you might find that a more dedicated GPS device can help you narrow down your searches.

Once you find a cache, you can mark it as located and see what’s inside. Sometimes there are gifts for you to take, other times it’s just the thrill of the hunt as your reward. As you grow in experience, you might even start setting up your own geocaches for others to find! If you like to take quick weekend trips, you could even plan your trips around areas with high volumes of caches.


Lastly, for fun RV camping games, you can rarely go wrong with a stack of boardgames. While you may think of classic boardgames like Monopoly, the scope of boardgames has increased dramatically in recent years. There are games that can be played by small groups, large groups or even solo games!

You can always bring the classics, but especially for longer trips, it never hurts to have a brand-new game to play. After all, you could bring four or five board games without making a dent in your overall RV load weight! Enjoy your time out on your trip to learn a new game with the family!

RV Games for the Road

Twenty Questions

When you’re driving (or want to involve the driver in a game) then your options are a bit more limited. But you can never go wrong with some of the standard driving games! One of the most famous driving games, Twenty Questions is simple enough to let everyone play – of any age – without losing focus on the road and safety.

If you’ve never played, it’s a very simple game! One person picks a subject, like a famous person, friend or even an object. The other players ask “yes” or “no” questions to narrow down what the subject could be. If they manage to figure out what it is before asking all 20 questions, the correct questioner picks a new subject and everyone else starts asking!


Trivia games are everywhere. Like 20 questions, it typically doesn’t require a lot of focus. Picking the right type of trivia depends on you and who you’re traveling with. You can find trivia for anything: from a full range of categories to very specific trivia for fans of sports, entertainment, history and more!

With modern smartphones, you can find dozens of them on the app stores that let you play almost completely hands-free! This makes it a great option for having fun in your RV between campsites.

License Plate Games

While some may refer to their particular game as the license plate game, there are several variations. All of them, of course, hinge on using other vehicle’s license plates to score points or advance the game. But the details of how it works depends on how you want to play!

The simple version of the license plate game involves trying to spot plates from all 50 states. Players score points for being the first to notice a new plate. This one is great for younger children, as its only requirement is being able to read the location of each plate.

More complicated versions of the license plate game can involve extra points for certain states or streaks. Some players use rules such as license plates only counting if they start with the same number or letter that a previous plate ended with.

Feel free to make up your own rules! RV camping trips with the family should always feel unique – creating a game that’s special to your family can make it more fun for everyone.

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