A must-have RV gadget may be inside the Christmas gift this man ties with a string.

7 Must Have RV Gadgets: The RV Gift Guide for the 2019 Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching. Christmas music will soon be filling the airwaves and thoughts turn to giving the perfect gift. How do you narrow down the list of must-haves for the RVer in your life who loves tech gadgets? Here are 7 great ideas for the 2019 holidays; the gift guide that is sure to help you find the perfect gift for your RV gadget tech fanatic.

Car Vacuum

What do you get for the tech-gadget enthusiast who is also a clean freak? A car vacuum! These little gadgets are great for keeping any RV clean. Their small size makes storage a snap, especially in an RV where space utilization is key.

There are plenty of power options as well. You can choose from battery-powered models or even wired varieties for the techie who wants their gadgets within easy reach at all times.  These pint-sized picker-uppers are easy to carry and make it simple to clean those hard-to-reach places in your RV.

Instant Pot

In case you are not familiar with the Instant Pot, it is a multi-cooker appliance. It can take the place of several appliances because it can be used as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, electric pressure cooker, warming pot and more. Sounds like the kind of must-have RV gadget that would be impressive to the techie on your shopping list, right? That may explain why it is a favorite among RV owners.

The instant pot simplifies cooking on the road. There are volumes of instant-pot recipes, which can help keep your family eating healthier. It is easy to clean and store, offers a way to cook a larger variety of meals than you may have considered possible, and to top it off, this must-have RV gadget saves the space of having to store up to seven different appliances!

Telescoping Ladder

There are a variety of tasks associated with an RV, so a good ladder is certainly a must-have RV gadget. Telescoping ladders offer a great deal of vertical access without the need for a lot of storage space. They can be easily converted to a step ladder for jobs like washing RV windows, or even to a taller step ladder height to reach areas like the roof line to check on seals, awnings, or lighting. In its full extension position, a telescoping ladder can make accessing the roof an easy task when cleaning, clearing off snow, or conducting pre-departure safety checks.

A telescoping ladder does the work of multiple ladders and stores in the space of a step ladder. There are many models to choose from, and will surely be a step in the right direction when it comes to holiday gift giving!


Reading is still a popular way to pass the time and RV trips are no exception. From hours on the road to quiet afternoons at the campsite, reading is a great way to unwind. E-readers like Kindles or Nooks are a way to bring a library’s worth of books along without needing a library’s worth of storage space!

These must-have RV gadgets may not simulate the feel of a book in your hand, but their specially designed displays look surprisingly like reading a traditional paper book. Even if the special RVer in your life isn’t a tech-gadget enthusiast, the e-reader may be the perfect gift to introduce them to the joy of having all their books in one (small) space!

An added bonus: most local libraries offer options for checking out e-books for e-reading devices for free.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Anyone who has traveled can tell you that the best cell signals are not always found in remote parks and campgrounds. So for entertainment and safety purposes, having access to cell signal and data is generally a high priority for most travelers.

A signal booster does exactly that – boosts the cell signal – which gives you a stronger, more reliable signal in areas where it is generally difficult to maintain a connection.

If you know a camper who enjoys the rustic life and likes more remote trips, such as dry camping, a cell phone signal booster just may be the best of the must-have RV gadgets out there. Nothing says perfect gift like a strong signal in faraway places.

Travel Air Compressor

There’s never a good time for a flat tire. Keeping your tires properly inflated reduces wear on your RV. It also helps keep you in control of your vehicle not to mention helping avoid the major headaches on your trip that can stem from a flat tire. Since the health of your tires is critical to a safe trip, and you never know how far you’ll be from the next service station, it’s important to have an option that allows you to fill up your tires almost anywhere. An added bonus is that when you have your own travel air compressor, you can fill your tires at no additional cost!

This must-have RV gadget can be powered by your RV or a separate power source, such as your tow vehicle.  They can also come in handy at the campsite for inflating air mattress or water flotation toys. These small compressors don’t take up much room, so your RVer will get the gift of peace of mind that stows away in a small space.

Propane Fire Pit

What’s camping without the campfire? With a propane fire pit, you never have to find out – even at campgrounds that don’t allow wood-based fires! The hottest must-have RV gadget on our list, propane fire pits, provide the warmth and ambiance of a campfire without the need to lug firewood to your campsite.

Many states are very particular about safe burning wood and have rules against transporting firewood.  Propane fire pits eliminate the need for firewood and provides instant heat. They also turn off immediately, so there’s no need to wait up until the fire dies down or pour water over the coals.  Additionally, most RVers typically have a supply of propane with them so fuel for a propane fire pit isn’t an issue.

What’s not for an RVer to love about a propane fire pit? They are easy to use, easy to store, and when you’re done roasting s’mores, you don’t smell smoky.

This holiday season there are a lot of must-have RV gadgets for the camper in your life. This guide can help you find the perfect gift whether you give the gift of technology with a cell phone signal booster or one that’ll have them roasting chestnuts out in the open over a portable fire pit.

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