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5 Must-Watch RV YouTube Channels for All RV Travelers

Whether you are thinking about purchasing your first RV or you’re a seasoned veteran with thousands of miles under your RV belt, RV YouTube channels can be informative and entertaining. Here are 5 must-watch channels that will benefit all RVers – new and old alike.

With information on destinations, driving tips, RV maintenance and how-to’s, these RV YouTube channels are as helpful and informative as they are entertaining and inspiring.

RV Love

The first RV YouTube channel we’ll cover is RV Love which is a great channel for those interested in RV life, especially full-time RVing.  Marc and Julie Bennett are full-time RVers and catalog their travels. If you are looking for information on full-time RVing, RVLove covers everything from technical videos like making modifications to their RVs, to dry camping and even talks about problems that full-time RVing can present. Their straightforward approach and Julie’s Australian accent make them an easy couple to listen to.

Marc and Julie began their experience in 2014, so they have created a sizable collection of videos over the past five years. It’s a wonderful resource for those looking to get into full-time RVing – or anyone looking for how-to’s, mishaps, even RV manufacturer tour information. They have even written a book about RV living titled “Living the RV Life: Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road.”

Whether you are planning your retirement and are thinking about full-time RVing, are considering trading in brick and mortar for the open roads or just want some good boondocking tips, RV Love is chock full of information.

RV Geeks

The next RV YouTube channel we’ll look at is RV Geeks. It is one of the best YouTube channels dedicated to maintaining and repairing your RV. Since RVs, like any vehicle, have maintenance and repair needs, savvy owners can often handle them on their own. RV Geeks cover everything when it comes to RV maintenance. Their simple, straightforward guides explain potential problems you may come across. Additionally, they also give detailed explanations for how to solve said problems, or when it may be time to take it to a professional.

Even if you don’t consider yourself “handy”, RV Geeks makes information available for minor fixes in a way that anyone can benefit. Be it maintenance or how-to guides for everything from emptying your black water tank to RV tire rotation schedule to cooking the perfect hard-boiled egg! RV Geeks can help you save money with your RV and keep you safe on the road which is why it is one of our five must-watch RV YouTube channels.


RV 101

RV 101 is another great RV YouTube channel. This is a great resource for those who are shopping for an RV, looking to repair their current RV, or are just curious about RV education. There are dozens of videos spanning multiple years. RV 101 is an increasingly popular RV YouTube channel that can help make RV ownership a breeze.

One significant component of RV 101 is a mini-series that is part of their channel. This series covers RV driving, which can be a fantastic resource for new RV owners who are just getting a handle on their RV. A nice feature of this RV YouTube channel series is the short 2-3 minute segments on very specific topics such as pivot point, RV mirrors, and tail swing. You can locate the topic you need and get your information quickly without having to watch a 20-minute tutorial covering everything. Some other popular topics include good accessories for your RV, how to install aftermarket additions, and how to stay cool in hot weather.

Mortons on the Move

You may be surprised to learn that not all of the top RV YouTube channels are dedicated to repairs and living tips. Our fourth recommended must-watch RV YouTube channel, Mortons on the Move, focuses a lot on their travels and the excitement that owning an RV brings.

Mortons on the Move provides a great opportunity to learn about the experiences of RV travel, camping in national parks, and finding fun off the beaten path. It’s a wonderful resource for anyone wondering if the RV life is right for them because Mortons on the Move showcases their travels. To be fair, Mortons on the Move does have some helpful content and tips about RV maintenance and living too, though their main focus is travel.

You’ll want to pack up and hit the road tomorrow after watching the amazing cinematography and fantastic views and scenery that Mortons on the Move showcases throughout their travels.

Keep Your Daydream

Finally, like Mortons on the Move, Keep Your Daydream is another RV YouTube channel that highlights the experience of full-time RVers on the road. Keep Your Daydream has seven seasons and counting, so you can “tag along” with Marc & Tricia, their children and dogs. The majority of their content is about their experiences, thoughts and wisdom from the full-time RV lifestyle.

If you’re thinking of buying your first RV and looking for some travel tips, you’ll benefit from their “Top 10 Things Every New RV Owner Should Know.” If you’re looking for great RV destinations, check out their “Top 10 Favorite RV Destinations.” If you’re simply looking for entertainment to watch until your next trip, Keep Your Daydream is an RV YouTube channel with entertaining content that’s enjoyable for all RV experience levels.

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